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Follow me on Pinterest @Ladylaleebella. Discover more of my content from across the web and learn how to use social media like a Boss Girl. I want all females to feel like queens when they come in contact with me. I am the Black Queen and I am here to show you my moments from Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Learn more about the Black Queen and interact with my content. I post for all the Queens around the world!

Do you have a Pinterest account? Follow me here and see how we can network to help every Queen Claim Her Crown. Women need positive images to identify themselves with. My Pinterest Board empowers women and gives ladies exclusive content they won’t find any where else. I teach languages, draw pictures, and listen to reggae music. Discover more of the idiosyncrasies of a Black Queen from my Pinterest profile.

Once you follow me, you won’t be disappointed. Admire lovely pieces of art in Artistic Revolution. Share hair and beauty tips with other natural queens in Au Naturel. Bloggers unite! We can make a difference on post at a time. Caribbean Fashion is for all the queens of color who love to dress in island inspired attire.
For The Youths reminds you of your favorite past-times. Iconic Images bring you closer to your favorite celebrities. Inspiring Quotes motivate and empower women who need positive messages. Irie Lifestyle endorses the Cooyah Clothing brand and highlights cool content from around the world. Jamaican Me Crazy is strictly for the Jamaican massive yard and abroad. Jock’n My Swag represents for the fashion queens who want to show off their original style. Oh The Places You’ll Go invites travel bloggers to share their experiences going abroad. Trending Topics drops news updates and cool articles from the web. Tricks of the Trade is a collection of make-up tips and cool projects you can try at home. The Virtual Vibes board endorses the brand by myself and Terri K. The Her Daily page let’s YOU pin your favorite pictures from my articles on

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Artistic Revolution

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Au Naturel

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Caribbean Fashion

5. For The Youths

Youth You Have To Know Your Culture

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Iconic Images Pop Culture

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Inspiring Quotes

8. Irie Lifestyle

Irie Lifestyle

9. Jamaican Me Crazy


10. Jock’n My Swag

Jockn my swag

11. Oh The Places You Go

Oh The Places

12. Trending Topics

Trending Topics

13. Tricks of the Trade

Tricks Trade

14. Virtual Vibes

Vibes Virtual

15. Her Daily Posts

Herdaily Site