Momentos De La Reina Morena

Welcome to an all inclusive adventure into all things insular.

Moments of A Black Queen

MOMENTS OF A BLACK QUEEN | Momentos de la Reina Morena

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crownI consider myself a Black Queen, a Nubian empress destined to rule a flourishing kingdom built to entertain and inform every viewer of this webpage. Please consider yourself a guest and make yourself at home as you enter a new world where music is the soundtrack of life. The themes are centered around my daily journey which I entitle Moments of a Black Queen.

Every moment, every second, every breath of my life is consumed by my passions and aspirations. The blog Ladylaleebella is a glimpse into the life of a Caribbean-american growing up in suburban Georgia. The world created encompasses the international themes of reggae and dancehall as well as the island lifestyle of the Atlanta Reggae Scene. Here I share pictures, videos, interviews, and slideshows that represent how I see the Caribbean movement on a global level.

  • Enjoy weekly countdowns of modern dancehall musicmusic_3
  • Revisit classical artists and producers from the eras of ska, rocksteady, and roots reggae 1375496059_47
  • Watch interviews from contemporary and classic talent
  • Learn the lyrics to your favorite tracks
  • Download new mixtapes, singles, and riddims 1375495928_54
  • Get an all-access pass to exclusive parties, events, and festivals
  • Preview fashion features from celebrities, bloggers, and local designers
  • Understand the lingo of Caribbean Patois as well as words of the day from languages Portuguese and Spanish
  • Investigate Caribbean-American culture and connect the similarities of Latin and North American culture 1375496250_globe
  • Admire original artwork  through graphics, drawings, and poetry prose1375496420_palette-paint-brush
  • Become a member of a community of art aficionados and experts

Join the movement!

Email music for the radio to

Interested in becoming an intern? Email the production manager for The Dancehall Now Show Terri K




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