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Anthology – 1) a collection of short poems 2) a collection of stories, poems, excerpts, etc. chosen by the compiler [Greek – anthos: flowers + legein: to gather]

Harmonies are playing in my mind

There’s music the moment you step into the room

My heart beats out of control

You don’t even know what you do to me

I can’t deny this feeling inside

I’ve tried for too long to hide it

But I’m too afraid to say it

It’s just my pride


What will you do or say

When you know just how I feel

Please don’t let go

I need it

Why can’t you just let us be



Really got me

Really got me


Really got me really got me


I don’t wanna I don’t wanna let go

So when I hear you name I tell myself


Waiting for youuuuuu baby

Love to make youuuuu mine

I know youuuu want me baby

Please give me a signnnn

Waiting for youuuu babyyy

I’m crying deep inside

I know you want me too baby

Love you til the end of time


Can you hear me, I could be standing in front of you and I feel like you couldn’t resist to say hello.

You have a peculiar look on your face as you glare into the screen. I find myself wondering whether or not you know it’s me. The girl you once knew and the woman that you couldn’t understand. Maybe my goals intimidated you, or perhaps the fact that I didn’t eat shrimp made you averse to my advances.

I have a recollection of us sitting on the bed and me asking you questions. You seemed tranquil, so unbothered as you lay there waiting for the sun to set. The last ray of sun signaled the time for my departure.

All of a sudden your movements become so swift, my heart pounded as I jumped into your arms. Your cold embrace was shattering as you hastily rushed me from the room.

My feelings didn’t matter, this ephemeral passion between two souls was cut short by distance and deceit. You had a girlfriend and I had a man, but there was always this lingering feeling inside that plagued me: What If?



What are in a set of lips? The eye of the universe exists between the split of the mouth. Saliva dripping from each corner upon insertion of the moon. A perfect crescent sits tall against the dark skies on a starry evening. I am hesitant at first, curious if you’ll speak my language. As if telepathically you answer, my moon pie is divided exposing the cream. You gush in excitement as your lips meet mine.  I am overjoyed that you speak in tongues. Your lips are satisfied with the flavor, bubble gum pink with chocolate dressing. You take a bite into your caramel deluxe while I spread out on all fours like a pussy cat, waiting to be stroked. The cock rises higher into the air, breaking wind between my thighs. You slide down to position yourself inside. A little rushed from the euphoria you proceed with caution not wanting to be too forceful or overwhelmed. I sigh in satisfaction. Finally, you have found your rightful place.

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Tú eres mi artista y yo tu obra maestro

Because I Love You

Because I Love You

Because I love you, I do the things I do

For the love of you, I go beyond this sky and to the moon

No matter the distance or time away

Know I will return to you soon

My heart extends ensuring my love will reach you wherever you are

My love grows more and more with each breath

And I am with you near and far

Neither space nor measurement can represent

The connection we’ve kept is

Heaven Sent

Waking up to your kiss, sweet memories that I miss

Being the reason for your smile…

Loving you for who you are…

Luminance of my nights as my brightest star

Hearing your voice through the silence of the night… makes everything better and ever wrong right

Staying up late with you on my brain turns my fantasy into reality and my insanity becomes sane


It’s just in the way you keep me waiting

While still satiating a lust that’s been anticipating

Sedating passion, feeling fading into a climax

Screaming ohhh you know exactly what to do

Inside me creating a voice for that bulge to fill in

Not a moment longer with no time left to kill

Like an ailment it’s urgent I’m feeling ill

Before you know it I’ve returned for it inject me

With that poison I yearn for it

But it’s not medical it technically sensual

I’m not ineffectual I’m intellectual

Feed your mind with wisdom

Feed me with the treasure of your mighty kingdom

Bow down in the presence of his majesty

Grant your three wishes give me freedom

Hum on the drum singing a sweet song

Hungry for a particular flavor of natural yum

Yes I’m wet again, sliding down waterfalls of memories of once

When darkness what the home for us, hidden in a sheet of lust

Revealing the naked truth is a must

But your secret is safe with me

Love only to be shared with thee was the decree

And I followed, leaving you left me hallow

Unexpected surprise sigh and swallow


Cause after this nothing remaining

Last bit of energy from you I’ve been draining

But I am not through racing through the streets

Switching lanes but you push the break on my ending

Pretending its fun again with no gain

Some pain coping with loss is such a strain

But I’ll stay waiting, debating with myself over loving or hating

Weighing the odds of my satisfaction but with you it’s more than just attraction

It’s just in the right way you keep me waiting

Night Falling

Before night fall let me hold me

Fall asleep in your arms at midnight

Enjoy your embrace in the morning too

You hold me just right

Not too loose or tight

Wings with me my heart takes flight

From darkness until the light

My grip on you is just right

Not too loose not too tight


El fin

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