KATONTHEMUV – Conmigo No (Video)

Katonthemuv is in a lane of her own with new single and video premiere “Conmigo No”

Step aside, this Caribbean Queen is ready to make her mark and is making no apologies as she states her boundaries in this latest visual “Conmigo No”. In the video we see a strong, fierce Afro-Latina staking claim on her resilience as a woman. Kat has standards and refuses to settle for less.

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Koro Fyah x Kabaka Pyramid – Red Green Gold (Official Video)

Bebble Rock Music Presents Red Green & Gold – Official Video

Wise words from Koro Fyah

Where revolution is concerned, it begins with a changing mind state, an intolerance for the present ways of thinking and doing, then striving with heart and soul towards that ultimate purpose which is positive change and betterment for all, with that said Bebble Rock presents the latest video RED GREEN and GOLD featuring myself and @kabakapyramid from the Rough Diamond E.P…….@reggaeville you LARGE!! Much respect! Check it!

Lee Scratch: “Vybz Kartel Is The Greatest Ever”

Lee Scratch Perry, one of the living legends of reggae music believes Vybz Kartel is the best DJ ever out of Jamaica. However, Lee Perry also believes that Vybz Kartel needs to repent and change his ways. The veteran entertainer and producer, who is also responsible for the success of Bob Marley posted a video…

via Vybz Kartel is the greatest ever, according to Lee Scratch Perry. — 18 Karat Reggae Gold

Moments of a Black Queen: August

Thank you so much Believers!

I appreciate your patience with me as I build personal value to bring you here on the blog. As the celebrated Black Queen of Reggae, I am always looking for new ways to post cool content that will make you royal ones feel confident, conscious, and most of all creative.

The Creative Process is a vital part of what makes the posts here at Moments of a Black Queen so enjoyable. Here you can unwind and be yourself, share your ideas, and create greatness with the click of a button. I wanted to share a part of what makes me tick so I made an #Infographic to show a little bit of my creative process with you.

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Hello Leanne Fairweather of the future, you may not have realized it when you wrote this letter but you’ve come a long way with faith since then.  

#BELIEVE in the body of Christ

You are stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than ever from the inside out.  You are still a firm believer in the power of Christ and prayer. Don’t lose your faith in God because a woman without faith is like a bird with wings but no sense of direction. You know where you are going now.  Life has thrown many obstacles in your way but you’ve managed to overcome each one effortlessly. People are looking at you Queen and expect great things in your future and with perseverance you will succeed.

Hard work results in success

You have always aimed for the best and you know that you deserved it but now you are attracting the kind of energy you so desired. The universe is rewarding your loyalty and patience. Give thanks.  Your dreams have come true.  Don’t forget to thank all the people that helped you get there. Remember the cold days in New York? Now you live in luxury when you visit the Big Apple.  Do you recall taking public transportation and walking to reach your destination? Now the red carpet is pulled out at your arrival and paparazzi scream your name.

Social media is just the start…

The Instagram photos, the Tweets, the Snapchat messages were all a precursor to your delightful lifestyle of love and lavish adventures. Your passion paid off! People relish in your work and come to you now for interviews and features. This is the great life you never imagined but it came at a cost.  Hold your head high but remain humble because the Almighty is still watching you and working on helping you reach your next step in the journey.

Your love & light shines

Share your testimony and unleash your inner Queen.  The world is watching you shine, listening closely to your every word, and your family is so proud of your success. God first and follow your heart where it will lead you to the next chapter of your exciting journey to happiness, wealth, and wisdom.



Today’s winning Google Doodle invoking Black Lives Matter was designed by high school sophomore – The Washington Post


Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.
– Henry David Thoreau

Yesterday on Instagram, this beautiful image scrolled across my timeline. Instantly I was inspired by the images drawn by a High School student from Washington. How is it that she could see and understand the same images that I frequently draw in my mind. This picture represented more than just black art to me – it was a depiction of what I see everyday in my reality.

Moments of a Black Queen Objectives

Community outreach is a one of the missions here at Moments of a Black Queen. The objective is to reach out to people touching lives in the global arena and share their content on a global platform. Social media helps me achieve this goal and also facilitates the space to freely discuss pressing topics plaguing people of color in America.

Using the title “The Black Queen”, I motivate young women achieving their goals. By starting a conversation on Twitter I engage with females who are artists, models, dancers, and media journalists. I use networking to connect with influencers who share my interests and vision.

“Artist paint images unseen, musicians create sounds that emerge from silence, and authors write from a synthetic point of view about a world that can never exist.” ― Carl Henegan

The parts of the banner that stood out to me the most were the all-seeing eye, the Unk, the diamond, the black power movement in front of the brink wall, the braided google script, and the crown in the far corner. This creative doodle is a dream coming into fruition through the perspective of a young woman. With Jah anything is possible!


2BKaribbean Color Code


2BKaribbean x Mntsofablkqueen
Episode two: #Caribbean


Lionesses on The Rise 

  • Zia Benjamin @ziabenjamin
  • JaneMacGizmo @janemacgizmo
  • Xana Romeo @xanaromeo
  • Marla Brown @itsmarlab

Watch my Miami Carnival Interview from 5Sur5TV

Artists to listen to


@VibesVirtual color codes

HEX Codes
Red = #cc0000
Yellow = #ffcc00
Green = #009900


“I based this picture off my lifestyle,” said Akilah Johnson, the first-ever ‘Doodle 4 Google’ winner from Washington, D.C.

Source: Today’s winning Google Doodle invoking Black Lives Matter was designed by high school sophomore – The Washington Post

HEAR THIS: Chronixx “Majesty” – Boomshots

Chronixx Hails His Empress  The Steam Ministah pours out his heart in this touching love ballad. With music inspired by the Studio One soul selection “I’ll Be Around” by Otis Gayle, and poetic lyrics that read like an excerpt from the Old Testament’s Song of Solomon, he speaks directly to his empress. “Before I hold you in my arms, I want to hold you in my heart / Before we share our love upon a bed, I want to place this crown upon your head.” Audio After The Jump… Poignant lyrics about the spiritual, mental and emotional connection between a man and woman, are woven intricately throughout the song: “Cross my heart, say my prayers from when, only one queen star in my love songs dem, nonstop, only one queen star in my love songs dem, from top, only one queen star in my love songs dem, ease out.” Messages of monogamy stand out boldly along with the emphasis that true love should emanate from a pure and humble place.

“Cleopatra, Queen of Sheba, Nefertiti—you I a feature,” Chronixx sings in the final verse, adding playfully. “Mi nuh know bout no Mona Lisa, but I know Venus and Serena.” The song’s title and chorus, of course, hearken back to The Techniques’ “Queen Majesty,” which was inspired in turn by Curtis Mayfield’s “Minstrel & Queen.”And the musical vibrations reverberate back through time.
Look out for more niceness on the upcoming ROOTS & CHALICE mixtape by Chronixx alongside Federation Sound.

Source: HEAR THIS: Chronixx “Majesty” – Boomshots

A North Pole Negro – Matthew Henson

“The lure of the Arctic is tugging at my heart. To me the trail is calling. The old trail. The trail that is always new.” – Matthew Henson

Today I am connecting the dots and telling the story of a land not so far away. Being present in this moment allows me to share the stories of the important characters of Black History. Today is also Reggae Month. Both celebrations unique two intrinsic tales in who we were in the past and who we will be in the future. The divide lies in the present – who we choose to be in the present moment. Matthew Alexander Henson was an African-American explorer who was obsessed with the North Pole.

Henson used the North Pole as a place to discover who is was and full-fill his purpose on earth. Henson worked closely with Peary to bring more information about uncharted land on earth and reminded us that we were all once connected on the land mass Pangaea via an ice glazier on the Bering Straight. When we know our role and strengths we can position ourselves in the place where we feel most comfortable and at home.

Image Source: The My Hero Project – Matthew Henson

Vogue: 5 It Girls Share Their Surprising Winter Beauty Secrets; Cipriana Quann, Leandra Medine, Irene Kim, and More


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@ciprianaquann & @tk_wonder – beauty queens, writers, models, and muses

from Urban Bush Babes, model Cipriana Quann pictured below

Source: Vogue: 5 It Girls Share Their Surprising Winter Beauty Secrets; Cipriana Quann, Leandra Medine, Irene Kim, and More