Welcome to Moments of a Black Queen the memoirs of a young black empress. My royal thoughts are manifested into posts discussing the culture of a Caribbean upbringing. I am a Jamaican-American living in the United States blogging about international reggae culture from the perspective of the Jamaican diaspora. I consider myself an ambassador of all things Caribbean! On the Moments of a Black Queen blog, I discuss topics that are most relevant to my audience.caribbean-girl

Writing and drawing are both favorite pastimes. I consider myself an art aficionado. In my spare time, I illustrate pictures and design flyers.

I am a music connoisseur sampling music from the 1960s through the 21st century of Dancehall. As a female radio host I aim to discuss why women are often marginalized in the male dominated genre of reggae. Reggae is more than just Bob Marley.

I am the social media manager for Caribbean lifestyle e-zine Nirvana Magazine. I curate images of street fashion, graffiti art and editorial photography.

I promote the Suns of Dub/Rockers International web channels and act as publicist for Trinidadian artist Jah Bami.


Ladylaleebella and International Reggae Superstar Sean Paul @DuttyPaul

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interview various artists including Dancehall icon Sean Paul, Mavado, Konshens, Beenie Man, and Spragga Benz.

I love traveling and I hope to go to the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

I am multi-lingual speaking Spanish, Portuguese, and currently learning French. My interest in languages also transcends into my musical taste and love for exotic sounds and sights. As a young girl I traveled to Panama and was exposed to culture rich and heritage of the third world country in development. The Bahamas, Barbados, and Dominican Republic are also some places I have visited.

I have an appreciation for my roots but love modern and contemporary themes. I express myself through social networks and use my media streams as an outlet to the outside world. Can you mix the old with the new? Is everything a remix? Do original ideas exist or is everything a remake. We have all lived this life before so take a moment to experience it though someone else’s eyes. I hope you enjoy my Moments of a Black Queen.



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Will Write 4 Ca$h

Will Write 4 Ca$h

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