Hello Leanne Fairweather of the future, you may not have realized it when you wrote this letter but you’ve come a long way with faith since then.  

#BELIEVE in the body of Christ

You are stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than ever from the inside out.  You are still a firm believer in the power of Christ and prayer. Don’t lose your faith in God because a woman without faith is like a bird with wings but no sense of direction. You know where you are going now.  Life has thrown many obstacles in your way but you’ve managed to overcome each one effortlessly. People are looking at you Queen and expect great things in your future and with perseverance you will succeed.

Hard work results in success

You have always aimed for the best and you know that you deserved it but now you are attracting the kind of energy you so desired. The universe is rewarding your loyalty and patience. Give thanks.  Your dreams have come true.  Don’t forget to thank all the people that helped you get there. Remember the cold days in New York? Now you live in luxury when you visit the Big Apple.  Do you recall taking public transportation and walking to reach your destination? Now the red carpet is pulled out at your arrival and paparazzi scream your name.

Social media is just the start…

The Instagram photos, the Tweets, the Snapchat messages were all a precursor to your delightful lifestyle of love and lavish adventures. Your passion paid off! People relish in your work and come to you now for interviews and features. This is the great life you never imagined but it came at a cost.  Hold your head high but remain humble because the Almighty is still watching you and working on helping you reach your next step in the journey.

Your love & light shines

Share your testimony and unleash your inner Queen.  The world is watching you shine, listening closely to your every word, and your family is so proud of your success. God first and follow your heart where it will lead you to the next chapter of your exciting journey to happiness, wealth, and wisdom.




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