A North Pole Negro – Matthew Henson

“The lure of the Arctic is tugging at my heart. To me the trail is calling. The old trail. The trail that is always new.” – Matthew Henson

Today I am connecting the dots and telling the story of a land not so far away. Being present in this moment allows me to share the stories of the important characters of Black History. Today is also Reggae Month. Both celebrations unique two intrinsic tales in who we were in the past and who we will be in the future. The divide lies in the present – who we choose to be in the present moment. Matthew Alexander Henson was an African-American explorer who was obsessed with the North Pole.

Henson used the North Pole as a place to discover who is was and full-fill his purpose on earth. Henson worked closely with Peary to bring more information about uncharted land on earth and reminded us that we were all once connected on the land mass Pangaea via an ice glazier on the Bering Straight. When we know our role and strengths we can position ourselves in the place where we feel most comfortable and at home.

Image Source: The My Hero Project – Matthew Henson


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