Leanne Fairweather Bio

Leanne Hope Fairweather was born a Georgia Peach on September 19, 1989 in the humble suburbs outside the expansive city of Atlanta. East of the state’s capital, the community of Stone Mountain was known as a hub for rich historical culture and West Indian residents. The young prodigy grew up around Caribbean decedents of Trinidadian, Dominican, Haitian, and Guyanese heritage. Miss Fairweather, cultivated by the seed of her two Jamaican-born parents, spent her childhood in Stone Mountain and graduated with Distinction and Honors from Stephenson High School in 2008.

Leanne’s ambition was apparent from an early age as she taught herself two languages before the age of 18. Advanced Placement classes throughout high school and into college helped harbor her love for art, math, and social sciences. Under the direction of her grandparents, Leanne attended the Atlanta Peachcrest Corps. The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club became a second home where she connected with the youth program. Her membership in the band and dance team gained her leadership among her peers in music and performing arts. Her talents as a musician and dancer took her traveling to Texas, Florida, and Virginia, including overseas to Panama and the Bahamas.

Her exposure to foreign culture and language nurtured her desire to learn the romantic languages Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian. Leanne currently consults at Kilombo Academic & Cultural Institute instructing students in the all subjects with a concentration in Spanish. Miss Fairweather aspires to one day work overseas as an American ambassador with the United Nations. Interim, Miss Fairweather tutors children K-8th grade, works as a Support Stylist in Bebe stores at Lenox Mall, and markets Fortune 500 companies as a brand ambassador.

During her free time Leanne enjoys outdoor activities, drawing, reading, and dancing. She considers herself a spokesperson for Reggae music and Caribbean culture through her involvement with local organizations CARIBSA, Caribbean Focus TV, and Atlanta Bandleaders Council. Hope is currently pursuing her B.A. in International Economics and Modern Languages at Georgia State University.


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