Tribute To Garvey: Black Marcus


September 7, 2015 – Black Marcus: Silkki Wonda x Jahkime

August marked the birthday of Human rights activist Marcus Mosiah Garvey and we celebrate this pinnacle by highlighting the single Black Marcus by rising artists Silkki Wonda also known as Shaydzz of Zincfence Records, featuring Jahkime the producer and artist of the Believe In Love EP. The track was mastered by none other than the General himself, Chronixx, co-producer and artist behind the Dread & Terrible Project.

Silkki Wonder and Jahkime collaborate to recount the story of Marcus Garvey leader of the Black Star Line. The First Jamaican National Hero was best known for his creation of the Universal Negro Improvement Association in the 1930s. Garvey’s legacy lives on today through his speeches and writings published in the Negro World.

Rising star Silkki Wonda is an ambassador traveling the world with the leaders of a Reggae revival sharing his song of freedom. Kelissa, Jesse Royal, Micah Shemaiah, Infinite, L.E.A.D. and Chronixx among many others are leading the way for a new age of conscious minded individuals.

 “Cause you’re special, you’re special you have your vision and your dream and it’s the Black people side you are on” 


Jamaican artists of Zincfence Records (left, Silkki Wonda) (right, Jahkime)

The single ‘Black Marcus’ features Jahkime, a music activist and producer currently working with Zincfence Records. With a message as powerful as Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry and Redemption Song, the track is a hymn celebrating the lives of the Black pioneers who fought for equality. Haile Selassie, Maroon Queen Nanny, Malcom X, Martin Luther King, and Marcus Garvey all played a significant role in the Black movement of Jah’s people around the globe.

The song educates children on the life and philosophies of Marcus Mosiah Garvey. The prolific teacher speaks to a crowd of Garveyites, sharing the message of black pride, nationalism, and repatriation. Garvey’s devotion to the cause towards human rights makes him a guiding force of an International movement that continues today.

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