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Why Do I Pin on Pinterest?

Creating a Pinterest Board is a great way to present your ideas in a new way. I starting pinning 2 years ago and since I’ve been able to use my pins as inspiration for daily fashion, presentations for work, fun diy projects to share with friends, and great lesson plan ideas for the students I teach. No matter what your occupation or orientation, Pinterest is a super platform to connect with people with similar interests and exchange ideas that turn into legitimate actions. Similar to Tumblr, Pinterest has hundreds of thousands of images from across the web that can be shared, liked, saved, and clicked on to take you back to an original source. Most pins are simply cool images, while others are gateways to cool websites with loads of great content. I strategically chose the names of my pin-boards in order to categorize my interests in world culture, languages, and current events. I have all sorts of pictures from celebrities, fashion shots, self-help quotations, and photography from around the world. I want to share my ideas with the globe and perhaps impact the changes that are occuring in the world right now. I believe that by pinning I have the power to influence minds, markets, and the future.

Here’s a list of my pinboards on

Languages & Travel

Pinteresting Ideas

Artistic Revolution

Iconic Images & Pop Culture


Trending Topics

De Colores

Fashion & Beauty

Jock’n My Swag

Drawing & DIY

All About LaLee

Loving You

Summer Time Fine

Tricks of the Trade

For the Youths

Hawt Dude

Glad To Have Met You





The Book Nook

Caribbean Fashion

Au Naturel

Barbee Playhouse

Collaborative Projects

Virtual Vibes

Irie Lifestyle

Reggae Lover

Caribbean Sex Symbols

Legends of Reggae

Style Trends

Fashionista In Me

Do you have a Pinboard? Are you interested in sharing pins or joining a group pinboard? Follow me on Pinterest right now and let’s change the world!


Featured image from Unsplash


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