Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2015

Are You Ready To Fete At ATL Caribbean Carnival?

May 22 kicks of Memorial Day Weekend in Atlanta

It’s Thursday, the eve of Memorial Day Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. This upcoming 4-day weekend, we shall be celebrating the Caribbean Carnival. The annual event brings people far and wide of all nationalities, ethnicities, and ages across Georgia to enjoy a cultural festival celebrating black ancestry. Despite a second carnival running concurrently, the official parade with the masquerade bands will be held Saturday, May 23 in Decatur at Kensington Station. Tonight kicks off two cool events downtown to warm up the city. This holiday, special events will be popping up all around the city. Where will you be this weekend? Enjoy Memorial Day! If you are in the Lithonia, Stone Mountain, or Decatur area I hope you come through and attend this memorable occasion. Tchau bella!

Thursday – MINT LOUNGE on Briarcliff (FREE ALL NIGHT)

SUTRA LOUNGE: (RSVP for free entry before 11:20p)

Friday –     ATRIUM JOUVERT ($20 online)

Saturday –          10am – 7pm Decatur Carnival at Kensington (General admission $20 online)

8:00 – 12pm Guinness Live Event (FREE RSVP)

Sunday –            8:00 am ($30 pre-sale) #SundayMorningATL

McBride Complex Decatur GA 30035


Atlanta Carnival 2015


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