De Colores: What Do Colors Mean To Me


Red Gold Green

The monochromatic theme
Red – Yellow – Blue : Primary Colors

Red represents passion, love, and danger in times of urgency.
The brilliance of yellow can be welcoming to someone admiring thesun but intimidating to a driver at a traffic light. Yellow draws your attention and is considered the color of beauty.Orange is inspirational and evokes deep thought and meditation. Blue recalls versatility and neutrality. A standard in business, Blue colors ranging from light to dark shades are utilized to describe mood changes, the transparency of water, the clarity in the sky, and the colors of your favorite ink-pen. Green the cool and down to earth hue gives a natural vibe, a representation of wealth , health, and prosperity. To become one with nature one has to think green. Greenbacks were used to pay debt after the American civil war. The term ever-green means always flourishing no matter the season.

keep calm and love dancehall

The Colors of Your Flag

Flags are a representation of who we are as a people and where we come from. We identify with our homeland and native language. The history of the country we are from tells a unique account of the past and potential future. Folklore and music are great art forms that make up that patchwork of any culture. Families of different cultures don traditional attire based upon climate, lineage, and seniority. Regions and communities are color coded to outline common traits. Distinctive colors describe moods and changes in nature.
La bandera representa su país. Identidad nacional depende en su herencia familiar. La historia es escrito por la generación hoy en día. La cultura incluye arte y música que expresa tradición. La moda cambia al tiempo. De colores, son varios, rojo, naranja, amarillo, verde, azul, morado, rosado, negro, blanco, café.


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