Suns of Dub New Releases BuzzRock Band and Mighty Crown

About Suns of Dub

Suns of Dub is a label, group & performing dub-production team creating a unique sound experience driven by dub influenced genres, merging live instruments, and original Rockers Reggae Sounds with a new age dub style and innovative ideas. Suns of Dub incorporates live melodica & dubbing, vinyl, deejaying, and composition into one musical entity. The Team is lead by Ras Jammy and Addis Pablo (son of Melodica/Dub Legend Augustus Pablo). They co-manage a community of musicians, producers & artists under the production label including Jah Bami, El Toro, Masia One & Tesfa Zion among others, presenting a unique variety of shows; from melodica & live band, dub soundsystem style, acoustic, reggae, drum & bass and/or electronic dance music. From production to performance, possibilities are endless.

New Music: Dub Choir by BuzzRock Band

Jah Choir Cover Art by Dub Iration

Moments of a Black Queen:  I am elated to be apart of the promotional team for this release. Addis Pablo along with his production team have worked very hard to bring us the best quality in dub and live music within the past two years. This selection is no exception featuring a instrumentals by the Buzz Rock Band from Trinidad and Tobago. Jah Choir is a seven-track download including an infectious melodica dub and plenty of tantalizing vocals to accompany the plethora of musicians on the beat.

Via Suns of Dub
The band, BuzzRock, is a high energy reggae band hailing from the twin isle of Trinidad and Tobago. The name BuzzRock represents the pulse of the earth or the vibration of the people, hence the name ‘Buzz’ (vibration) and ‘Rock’ (the Earth). BuzzRock’s performances have been known to mesmerize reggae lovers and non-reggae listeners alike, with their mystical presence on stage, raw emotion and passion each member puts into the music.

Produced by: Niamke (Ministry of Dub) & Ras Jammy (Suns of Dub)
Mixing & Dubs: Ras Jammy & Niamke
Music by BuzzRock Band
Vocals: Niamke, Yahrod, Inem Seti
Drums: Haile (Blackheart Man) Zion
Bass: Lamar (Beebo) Pollard
Keys: Candace Moore
Lead Guitar: Steven (Shredlocks) Petetson
Ryhthm Guitar: Niamke (Black)

New Music: Say It Easy Dub Mix EP

Via Reggaelizeit

Suns of Dub presents “Say It Aint Do Dub Mix” EP, a material compiling 3 remixed versions of SEZI‘s “Say It Aint So”: an easy-listening Bass & Synth remix from AudioBit of Premier Studios, an energetic EDM / Trap remix made by El Toro from Russia and, of course, a Dub / Reggae remix by Ras Jammy of Suns of Dub.

The original track is featured on SEZI’s “Slow Burn” EP. “Say It Aint So Dub Mix” project will be available for digital purchase from March 24th under One Motion Music label.

soundcloudListen on Soundcloud

Coming Soon: March 31 Suns of Dub Meets Mighty Crown

Moments of a Black Queen:  Get acquainted with these two colossal sounds Suns of Dub and Mighty Crown Sound.

Addis Pablo and Suns of Dub collaborate with some of the best talent on this side of the hemisphere. The conglomerate of Dub masters have traveled to California, Mexico, Trinidad, Bahamas, Anguila, and Jamaica within the past few months alone. Addis Pablo and Chronixx recently crossed paths for the ZincFence Capture Land Tour in Portland, Jamaica. Their performance was revered and reminiscent of a time when Augustus Pablo and Hugh Mendell were revolutionizing the dub genre in JA.
The newly anticipated release “The Far East Mixtape” will be released at the end of March and we couldn’t be more excited to bring a whole new sound from Japan into the melting pot of co-productions. This cool new T-shirt and mixtape release is making waves over-seas for the fresh design and new face for dub music. If you don’t know anything about Mighty Crown check out the Bose feature for Dancehall in Japan, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn about the movement of island sounds over in the Orient.

As for the Suns of Dub x Mighty Crown tape, keep an eye on the social sites for new updates until the 31st. The official launch will be a kick-ass combo of dope drops, dubs, and deep bass!

Suns of Dub Online:

Signed, The Black Queen


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