Alkaline Live In Atlanta

Alkaline aka Vendetta Don performs in Atlanta, GA at Club Pisces on Memorial Dr.

The sinister artiste straight out JA, stepped on the big stage at Club Pisces on Saturday, February 21st to deliver his first ever performance in Georgia. His adoring female fans fled to the stage upon the arrival of the ‘Vendetta Don’ around 3am on Sunday morning. Alkaline was a spectacle to see as he marched across the platform in a red and black track suit, pants sagging below his waist. He belted out songs like ”Look Inna Mi Eyes” and ”Wul Dem”, with a special song dedicated to the ladies ”Wifey”.


Alkaline LIVE in Atlanta

Alkaline had a effervescent presence as he performed his upbeat set of tunes. The controversial artiste is best known for his tattooed eye-balls and unadulterated lyrics. Considered to be the anti-thesis of Vybz Kartel, Alkaline is stirred alot of contraversy for emulating the World Boss’ look from his sister lock extensions to the skin bleaching techniques.

It should be no surprise however, that Alkaline is a fan favorite among the ladies and hardcore thugs who relish in his malignant music and rebellious demeanor. 20 Minutes was not enough to fully make an assessment of where the career of young don Alkaline is heading. I must admit that watching him in action reminded me of a time when Gaza Empire was at his height. Perhaps it is true that Dancehall is still in search of a hero. At any rate, Alkaline, Gage, Masicka, and Tommy Lee are all top contenders for the position.

See more photos from the event from DAREGGAESCENE by clicking on the picture below

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Signed, the Black Queen


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