Reggae Month and Black History Month


“A people without knowledge of their past history origin and culture, is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey

HISTORY OF REGGAE MONTH – Reggae Month was conceived and initiated in 2007 by the board of directors of the Recording Industry Association of Jamaica (RIAJam) of which I was a member. The concept arose out of discussions between myself and public relations consultant for the Reggae Academy Awards Jackie Knight-Campbell, in the course of planning the February 2008 staging of the inaugural awards ceremony. A written request was submitted by RIAJam to then Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding proposing that February be officially declared Reggae Month in Jamaica. In January 2008 Governor General Hall, acting upon the advice of the Prime Minister, made the formal declaration, and Reggae Month was born

WHY FEBRUARY FOR REGGAE MONTH – The decision to chose February as Reggae Month was unanimously agreed to by members of the board of directors of RIAJam. We took into consideration, among other things, the fact that music and media communities in Jamaica and around the world were already bringing special focus to Reggae in February each year as a result of various festivals, concerts, conferences and panel discussions staged annually in recognition of Bob Marley’s February 6th birthday.

REGGAE AND BLACK HISTORY – Some persons have suggested that celebrating Reggae Month in February poses a conflict with the American celebration of Black History Month. To those persons I would say, Reggae music IS about black history. In my opinion, there is no other genre of music in the world that can claim to highlight, celebrate, and inform about African history and issues as Reggae music has done, and continues to do. To my mind celebrating Reggae Month and Black History Month simultaneously therefore makes a lot of sense.

Read more here Reggae Month and Black History Month –.


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