One picture is worth a million words

What you see is all about perspective. My mom encouraged me to use my imagination as a kid. If I was angry or upset about something she would insist that I close my eyes and pretend as if I were some place else. I could instantly be outside on a warm day when the weather was cold or rainy, all on account of my imagination. My optimistic perception gave life to great stories and drawings during my childhood and continue to inspire my daily dreams.

When I look at a picture on Tumblr, Pinterest, or my personal Instagram I search for the following criteria:

  • Purpose: why is this image so important and what about this picture makes me want to find out more?
  • Utility: how is this image useful and why should I be moved to share it with a friend?
  • Asthetic: is the visual aesthetically pleasing, is it balanced, is there a filter, what details do I notice first?
  • Longevity: if I were to look at this image a week from now or 20 years from now would I get the same emotion I have in this moment?

You can discover a lot about your self by looking in the mirror. You see your hopes, dreams, and weaknesses all in a single glance. What it is about taking that infamous selfie that boosts the human ego to the 100% degree? It is the attittude we carry behind the image, the passion we portray in that angle or that specific pose we make. Photography helps society capture moments we would otherwise forget about, moments that if we didn’t capture would be gone forever.

Instagram has become a way for me to impose some wisdom on my followers and provide visually attractive images to endorse my brand Moments of a Black Queen. I love experimenting with filters and colors to see what best fits my mood at the time. I try to imagine how others see me when I look back at the finished product. The beauty of your film is that you can display it however you want to. People can draw inferences about who you are just by how you address your audience.

As a Black Queen, I learned with age that you don’t have to be butt-naked to be beautiful. In actuality, the most beautiful woman is clothed in more than just youthful beauty. She is glowing from head to toe in confidence and dresses to conceal her greatest secret and most prized possessions. Ladies, the right person will see your jewels for what their worth when the time is right. Exposing your treasure will ultimately close many opportunities for you. For a man to treat you different, a lady must act different from her peers. A woman wears her crown with dignity and makes sure a man can tell she is a classy lady the instant he encounters her so that there is never a moment to question her integrity.

My images portray my beauty and my dynamic personality. All of the colors and shades are a real look at how I see the world, or at least my world. Join me on Instagram for more cool pictures. Share your favorite image social media site below. 


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