Crooked Smiles Don’t Make It Apparently

A very special Happy Birthday to J.Cole

The Rock Nation artist and activist turns 30 years old today

Okay. I don’t listen to much J.Cole, besides the track Morning ft. Drake plus what I hear on the radio, I barely noticed the rising protoge of Jay-Z. I admit this new single Apparently really has me thinking twice about his music. Whether I listen to another album or mixtape is secondary, however it is undeniable that this dude has talent.


He shares his personal experiences with his mother and breaking out of his adolescence. J.Cole admits we’ve all made mistakes that can’t be mended. However, a sincere apology can go a long way. The apology is not always about receiving forgiveness. Moreover, the weight of uttering the truth will help you move on even if it means loosing a friend. In some cases, not everyone appreciates what you bring to the table.


Jay-Z surprise performed at J.Cole’s Birthday in 2014


J.Cole’s philosophy is take me as I am, crooked teeth and all. Well, in theory I can respect his outlook, however I have a completely different approach on mouth hygiene. Your teeth are the gate to your speech, don’t play around when it comes to your crowns. Take care of your teeth. Floss, Gargle, Brush twice daily, Improve your eating habits. Your smile is a focal point in interviews, first encounters, wedding pictures, and most importantly the foremost feature of your face. Not everyone can have a pair of perfect pearly whites, but why not invest in some veneers or braces if you have some time on your hands. Prioritize, in 2015 please check your grill. I know some people in Atlanta keep it dirty cause we are in the South but we used to crack jokes on kids who came to school with yellow margarine stains on their teeth!

I think Jay-Z would agree that smiles really matter, after all it was the enchanting grill of Beyoncé that captivated him to marry her. Who can resist a beautiful smile?

More about Jay-Z mentoring rapper J.Cole on Roc Nation


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