Jesse Royal – Feel Your Pain

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Jesse Royal Gets Intimate In Feel Your Pain

The introduction to Feel Your Pain blasts through the speakers singing deep blues and gospel undertones in the background vocals.

The roots reggae beat is amplified with the raw appeal of dancehall as Jesse Royal cries out the lyrics:

“I Feel Your Pain and I Can See It In Your Face Girl… You Wanna Fly Away to a Sacred Secret Place.”

The song is a rollercoaster of an intimate love affair from start to finish. You can lose yourself in the prophetic lyrics.
You have to listen closely to the story-line in the verse to fully understand the intensity of this track from the mix tape ‘In Comes the Small Axe’. The chorus reveals the sensual side of the Jesse Royal, also known as the Palace Pickney.

The reggae revival artist struck gold in 2014 when collaborating with DJ Walshy Fire for the Major Lazer collaboration ‘Royally Speaking’ and the Vice Media web series Welcome to Jamaica Part II.

One of many young vocalists paving the way for rasta reggae, Jesse Royal’s breakthrough single on the Rootsman Riddim (Overstand Ent) gained traction late 2013. He is standing tall like a soldier in “Modern Day Judas’’ where he casts down the oppressor and uplifts Jah’s people to persevere through all obstacles.

In 2015 nothing can hold back Jesse, with a voice so powerful and militant, he will continue to pioneer the movement of righteous youths in Jamaica bringing reggae music to the world.

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