How To Create A RSS Feed

Create a RSS feed to connect with other blogs and for your viewers to see your blog.

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rss-feed-black-queenReally Simple Syndication or RSS is a stream of information coming from one website, that can be shared across different mediums : social media platforms, My Yahoo, Google News, Bloglines, and many other news readers/websites.

The easiest way to create an rss feed is by using the super easy and self-explanatory wizard by google called FEEDBURNER.

1. Go to

2. Sign into your Google/Google+ Email account

3. Type the webpage or domain you want to burn in the [Burn a feed right this instant] option

4. Prioritize what information you want the feed to distribute, comments or your actual blog updates.

5. You should now be at the WELCOME LET’S BURN A FEED FOR YOU step. Choose a feed title and confirm the web feed address. Then press next.

6. CONGRATS! Now you have a live feed ready to be dispersed throughout the internet’s many streams. But hold on! This feed does not syndicate itself… you have to find different platforms to share your RSS FEED.

Blogger, Typepad,,, are just a few options listed where you can post your rss feed to snatch subscribers. My recommendation is to use a program like IFTTT to share your RSS feed on social media sites like facebook pages, twitter accounts, tumblr pages, etc.

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