Being of Caribbean Decent

What does it mean to be Caribbean – to whom much is given, more is expected.


I was going through so much, having just quit school to jump-start my blogger career path. A reminder of my gift for writing, this post is an old blog that shares an account of my experience of a Caribbean living in Atlanta. I also share the top entertainers from the islands. 

Firstly, why am I up at this hour. What could I imaginably have to say? I am contemplating shutting this laptop down and retiring for the evening. My eyes continue to pierce the screen, with open space waiting to be filled. It is my responsibility to fill the void. I accept my task.

Progressing to my week. Busy yet very productive. Lots of time to muse over my family, opportunities, and the fluctuations of life. I had a rude awakening to many realities of being an adult. Dropping out of school, moving to New York, returning to Atlanta- all within a year’s time. A year later I can thankful say that I do not regret dropping out of school I only wished I would have stayed in New York- would be along much further-but I have a plan.


Caribbean actress Zoe Saldana plays a sexy assassin to avenge the death of her parents in movie COLUMBIANA

I enjoy meeting people, speaking different languages, and listening to music. I am a internet radio personality on, a personal goal of mine. My blog provides me with the platform to share all of my interests the Caribbean, art, spanish, portuguese, and reggae.

Provided that I have all of these talents I can cater to a wide array of people from North and South America. My language preferences target countries in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. The United States now faces a steadily growing population of a Spanish-speaking residents.  Media, TV programs and news shows, display the strong latin influence more than ever. Roles including latin american celebrities such as Tatiana Ali of Panama and Zoe Saldana from Domincan Republic highlight people of afrolatino descent.

The crossover of Reggae into Panama birthing the popular genre Reggaetón was the pinnacle of Caribbean remixing. The latin emcees draw inspiration from their african roots in the steady bass, Principal player El General made a statement with tracks like Tú te ves muy buena and dem bow enjoyed crossover success in the islands and the Latin community embraced the new adaptation of reggae in the Caribbean.

Learn more about your favorite talents that I bet you never knew were from the Caribbean: 32 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were of Caribbean Decent


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