Hollie Cook Makes You Listen Twice

The Reggae soul singer Hollie Cook makes you wanna take another look at her on the newest installment “Twice”. Watch her video Looking For Love:

Hollie Cook makes her return with Prince Jammy in “Twice”

The smooth vibes of cuddling season has arrived and if you are “Looking For Real Love” you might want to listen to “Twice” by Hollie Cook. The eclectic singer gave fans goosebumps with her self-titled debut and reunited with her original producer Prince Fatty to bring us 8 sultry songs in secondary release “Twice.” As the daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and former Culture Club backing singer Jeni Cook she knows a thing or two about mixing the best of both worlds to create an organic sound. This latest project is an audible treat, blending flavors of Brazilian jazz, Reggae dub, and Electronic disco to create what she describes as “Tropical pop”. The album available at holliecook.com will make you want to take bite out of this refreshing new cut.

There is a bohemian side of her style that makes Hollie completely irresistible. The Caribbean inspired patterns and brightly colored headdress puts you in mind of Brazilian carnaval.

“I love head accessories, I’ve always had a thing about something on my head, I love a big abnoxious bow,” adding, “I love Carman Miranda!” and laughing, “one day im going to get a fruit turban.”

Cook’s finely coiled hair strands shows her as a quirky 70’s punk with indie and hippie nuances. Matter fact, the UK songstress boasts the legendary David Bowie as her babysitter, leading her into a labyrinth of far-fetched sounds and fashion-forward frenzy. She’s an all around sex-pot. The sound of her voice is undeniably enchanting as she swoons over lost love in the video for “Looking For Real Love.” A bittersweet love story by a charming damsel is exactly what we need to dub over romantic fall days and nights. See the seductress for yourself.

Photo by Kate Gardner

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