5 Quick Tips To Better Blogging

No Pain No Gain


One thing I am starting to notice about blogging is you receive what you give in this game. Spending countless hours hunched over a computer screen is not going to guarantee you 10,000 views on your post. Most of the work happens outside of the world wide web and it is up to the blogger to make the most of their time outside of blogging to really see the benefit. For someone like myself, who spends a majority of their hours surfing the web I have discovered what really makes a website fascinating is the person behind the keyboard. People need to trust and value you more than your online persona. Bloggers have to convince their following through visuals, powerful messages, and most of all consistent blog posts.

This is my personal struggle on a day to day basis. I will be online for a whole day but completely ignore the people that matter the most – my following! No one is going to want to read your writing if you don’t lend your ear to the streets. You have to be believable and your life must be a living testimony of what you preach via the web. The world is full of enough posers, and people can grow weary of the same type of material over and over again. Therefore, it is essential that you stand out in whatever field you deem your passion.

Here is a quick list for all creatives to ponder over. When ever you lose the sparkle that inspires you take a note from my book. We all struggle sometimes but a little encouragement can go a long way…


1. You are going to have to sacrifice. Money, time, resources, one of the above if not all is going to be depleted before you truly see any difference in your work. I would love to tell you that blogging is a comfortable task, one that allows me to stay in my bed all day and snooze until noon, but it doesn’t work like that. Planning, scheduling, and executing plans is what makes the process run effectively.

2. Research. Reading, writing, and talking to other people provide the kind of content you need to produce a prosperous blog. You can’t depend on what you know alone to get you there. Independent wisdom can only get you so far. You have to collect the experiences from veterans who have been in the industry longer than you have. This insight is invaluable and adds so much more body to a blog post. Reading helps a lot too, but I find keeping the knowledge to yourself can make you very stagnant. Write about what you read, keep a note book and jot down daily thoughts. You are what you read so you eventually will be able to quickly access this information the next time you come and sit at a computer to blog.

3. Spend a little time ( a lot of time ) off the computer. I cannot emphasize this enough. It can be counterproductive for you to stare at a screen all day. Eventually you eyes will grow weary and you will become drastically irritated with what you see. This can be so frustrating as a blogger because you feel as though any moment will run into something that can ignite inspiration and drive you to your blogging. This is absolutely false. You inspire you to write, not that post on Pinterest. Twitter can wait too. The people who really want to urgently contact you have your phone number. As long as you build a loyal fan-base, they will be patiently waiting upon your return.

4. Do more. Yes I said it you already aren’t doing enough. Now is the time to do more. Do what exactly? Do what you always said that you were going to do. Make a to do list an execute your short term goals to see long term results. Stay focused, and do one thing at a time. But most importantly do invest in yourself. Do things that are going to grow and expand your blog as well as business. See the light at the end of the tunnel and please do create a vision. Once you know exactly where you want to go it is much easier to do the right things to get you there.

5. It all pays off. Usually what happens too fast, doesn’t last. There is no real overnight success. 15 minutes of fame is fun until your time is done, so understand that there is going to be some hurtles before you cross the finish line. Look at everything as an one extra step to the next step to success. Don’t give up! Your breakthrough is usually at the point when you feel like throwing in the towel. Keep your eye on the prize and be thankful for the challenges. Things can only go up from here

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One thought on “5 Quick Tips To Better Blogging

  1. Hi there, great blog and happy we’ve crossed paths! I love rule N° 3 and take it to heart myself. My personal muse is nature and I try to use the weekends to get outside to commune with trees, grass, sun and wind. Very important and a point you don’t normally see listed in the “tips to improve your blogging” type of lists. Awesome content. Keep it up, talk to you soon!
    – Zac

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