Caribbean Tinge – Weekend Vibes

In need of some inspiration while shifting through my soundcloud stream I stumbled upon this tasty tid-bit of music from Elio Villafranca and the Jass Syncopators.

The music is lively fuzzed with just enough latin flair, heavy percussion, and sensible syncopation. In the ensemble of horns, keyboard, and bass drum I manage to find an internal peace in my writing. I am grateful for this podcast shared by Midnight Raver Sounds (who by the way has a great music blog to accompany his social media). Despite the narrator’s voice being monotone, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this genre of multicultural jazz music and the impactful influence these brilliant musicians make globally. Good vibrations are contagious, catch the vibe with me and press play – THE SUNDAY RIFF w/ Dermot Hussy does not disappoint. This one is for reggae and jazz aficionados alike. Real music is transcendent.

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One thought on “Caribbean Tinge – Weekend Vibes

  1. Nice post and a very nice song. I added this too my HootSuite and it will be posting Friday afternoon on my Twitter so people can have some great music for the weekend!! Great job, happy to be in touch, also followed on Twitter & G+ . Have an amazing day!! 🙂

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