21st Hapilos Releases I AM SOUL INDI


Soul Indi – Sensimenia Just another weed song? You better believe it. This high grade anthem entitled ‘’Sensimenia” comes from the new EP I AM SOUL INDI. The track carries production from ‘All fruits entertainment’ and features Micah Shemaiah (of Reggae RockitMaria G and Selah with a surprise verse from the righteous roots artist Kabaka Pyramid. The percussion and bass are hard-hitting, knocking simultaneously with the smooth saxophone accompaniment. The inspiration behind this one is quite obvious. The music puts you into the studio of the five artists as they vibe to the beat in a smoke filled room. It is the herbal healing of the nation, an ancient tradition used for spiritual awareness across the globe. This potent remedy ‘Sensimenia’ cures ailments in all forms and calms the mind to think clearly.

“Gimme di weed for the brain, cause mi nuh waan no cocaine”

The emergence of Soul Indi into the reggae scene is apparent in this debut album. The name Soul Indi refers to the artist’s Indian background and accentuates his love for soulful reggae music. As a new member of the music fraternity, Indi shows potential for growth in the genres of R&B, Rap, and Roots Reggae.  However, his rude boy style and lyrical delivery also notes the desire to be known as a Jamaican deejay. I AM SOUL INDI gives the best of both worlds; one set of tracks for the hardcore dancehall fans and another list of one-drop singles strictly for reggae lovers.

  1. Back To You ( produced by Neil of Cash Flow Records )
  2. Real Man She Want ( produced by Neil of Cash Flow Records )
  3. Messed Up World ( produced by Neil of Cash Flow Records )
  4. Make Me Smile ( produced by Jahnoi Selah Nunes of Jah Ova Evil Records )
  5. History Feat Coco ( produced by Teflon & Chronixx of Zinc Fence Records )
  6. No More A Dat ( produced by Donovan Steele of Mad Yaad Records )
  7. Election Time ( produced by Teflon & Chronixx of Zinc Fence Records )
  8. Sensimenia ( production by All Fruits Entertainment ) featuring Kabaka Pyramid, Micah Shemaiah, Maria G and Selah

This EP has a long list of producers who made the project possible. Artist and producer Jamar ‘Chronixx’ McNaughton co-produced 2 singles on the album.  Each track has its own mix of influences that result in the unique sound of Soul Indi. When asked what most inspired him to create this album Soul Indi replied:

What inspired me to make music initially was a clash that I entered at school one afternoon. I was not an artiste then, but I discovered that I was a songwriter that day. I had to go home to write the lyrics for a clash the next day. Because of my determination to win, I conquered that battle and Alty George Nunes (also known as Lil Joe – Jah Ova Evil) told me to take music seriously. From there I began writing about various topics and personal situations that I was facing on a regular basis. I also wrote about experiences and situations that my friends faced in their daily lives.

Through his music Soul Indi gives listeners a preview of his lifestyle in Jamaica coupled with the obstacles he faces daily as an up and coming musician. Every artiste carries a story they use to express themselves to their community and the world. Reggae is a way of life for Jamaican artistes trying to break into the American entertainment market, and the biggest obstacle is simply getting started. A special thanks to Soul Indi for sharing his story. Best wishes on the path to fame.

Soul_Indi_CoverSOUL INDI is one of this year’s rising musical sensations out of Jamaica.

I AM SOUL INDI was released by 21 Hapilos and can be purchased here
Twitter @SoulIndi
Facebook Fanpage

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