Jamaicans Be Like: Learn To Speak Jamaican

Learn to speak Jamaican.


On social media there is popular hash-tag topic entitled ‘Jamaicans Be Like’. Jamaicans or ”yardies” from across the diaspora and in the Caribbean share their favorite jokes, moments, and reminders from their culture. As a Jamaican, people are always asking me How to speak like a Jamaican? First of all we don’t speak we ‘chat’ and most people from the island don’t have a deep accent because they speak proper English. Jamaica was a British colony from 1665 until 1962. For nearly 3 centuries migrants from Europe, India, China, and Africa sailed across the Atlantic ocean to settle on the island titled ‘Xamaica’ by the first Spanish settlers. The official language of Jamaica is English, however Patois is the well known form of speech for visitors seeking to hear the native Caribbean tongue.

Learn how to chat like a Jam-ai-con here in my video 10 Things To Love About The #Caribbean

Wanna chat on social media? Try these funny phrases online using the hash- tag #JamaicansBeLike. Send me a cool note on twitter @Ladylaleebella


Did you learn something cool? Share your favorite Caribbean phrase or joke below.



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