Dub Choir And Jah Choir Pre-Release by @Sunsofdub

Dub Choir is hot new reggae music from the Suns of Dub collective. Addis Pablo and Ras Jammy team up with the Buzz Rock Band & Ministry of Dub to give us an out of this world electronic experience. The tracks fuse edm, dub music, and roots reggae to give fans a taste of what the upcoming EP will sound like.


Jah Choir & Dub Choir, free pre-release of the Dub Choir EP (Music by BuzzRock Band) by Ministry of Dub & Suns of Dub , Full EP Release coming soon!!!

Produced by: Niamke (Ministry of Dub) & Ras Jammy ( Suns of Dub)
Mixing & Dubs: Ras Jammy & Niamke
Music by BuzzRock Band
Vocals: Niamke, Yahrod, Inem Seti
Drums: Haile (Blackheart Man) Zion
Bass: Lamar (Beebo) Pollard
Keys: Candace Moore
Lead Guitar: Steven (Shredlocks) Petetson
Rythm Guitar: Niamke ( Black)

Listen to the single Jah Choir with dub version Dub Choir:

Full Release coming Soon!

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