Jahkime Believe In Love EP Release


Jahkime Believe In Love EP Release

The purist form of music is the melody made from love. Jahkime’s latest EP Believe In Love illuminates the idea of unconditional love. The 10 tracks sum up the experience of being with someone who you truly care for. The opening interlude sets the mood for the whimsical feeling of butterflies, fireworks, and euphoria as the blazing beat comes in from the background to the forefront.

The album answers the question “how to live your life”.


In Believe In Love Listeners can expect not only ballads but songs with an upbeat tempo as well. After releasing his first EP KANNIBUS in 2013, Jahkime took a different approach on what is now his sophmore project.

The dee jay and producer is best known for his work with reggae sensation Chronixx of Zinc Fence Records. Chronixx accredits him for his assistance in tracks Warrior and Rain Music in the reggae revival video.

However the singles on Believe In Love are a reflection of Jahkime’s personal style and lyricism.

Listen to his promotional single Love With A Difference, to better understand the inspiration behind this EP. Another sweet melody is Black Queen ft. Tash.

“For my queen, black afrikane” – Black Queen

Track List:
1. Interlude – Believe In Love
2. Intro – Don’t Go
3. Love With A Difference
4. Love Yuh For Life ft. Micah S hemaiah
5. Emancipate Yourself ft. Kazam
6. Genie Life ft. Simonese, Exile Di Brave, Micah Shemaiah
7. Never Know Love ft. Exile Di Brave
8. Black Queen ft. Tash
9. This Is My Vision ft. Infinite
10. Minimum Wage ft. Jodi


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 Signed the Black Queen



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