Reggae Revival Artwork By Freestylee

Reggae Art Posters

Jamaica‘s popular music  is experiencing a reggae revival that is altering the way people think, listen, and view the art form. Musicians and visual artists are merging to recite the history of over 5o years of island tradition. Since Jamaica’s independence in 1962, the Caribbean has exported the talents of  icons like King StittBob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, and Prince Buster. The merge of ragga music, american r&b, and rock gave fruition to the dynamic sound system movement spreading reggae to all corners of the world. 

Reggae transcends from the ears to the eyes with the help of graphic designer Michael Freestylee Thompson, the artist without borders. His original artwork highlights Jamaica’s music history through vivid poster artwork of national heros, reggae pioneers, and social challenges. The JA native is founder of the successful International Reggae Poster Contest and spearheads a global campaign to establish a Reggae Hall of Fame museum for Kingston, Jamaica.

Thompson takes the idea of reggae music and makes it larger than life with his dynamic print-outs of sound system disc jockeys,  legendary producers, and socio-political themes. The poster artwork motivates conversation over your favorite moments in Dub and Dancehall while educating the masses on the forthcoming revolution of reggae themes worldwide.

View the elaborate collection of posters online at

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