Melanie Fiona Tongue And Groove


The melodic Melanie Fiona is a neo-soul singer with an affinity for reggae love songs.  She is a Toronto, Canada native and the daughter and second child of Guyanese immigrant parents. Fiona’s Caribbean influences shine brilliantly in her delivery of hits “Give It to Me Right” and “It Kills Me” from her debut album The Bridge. The Guyanese beauty is a songbird with a kindred spirit and soulful sense of style.

Melanie Fiona appeared in Atlanta, Georgia alongside Bridget Kelly and Elijah Blake for the Evolution of Smooth & RocNation sponsored event. The Thursday evening performance featured a live band and upbeat vibrations from the vocalists. Melanie performed last and captivated the crowd. The performance included all of her best hits and current covers. She sang a version to Wale‘s R&B banger “Bad” and her memorable verse to Cee-lo‘s “I’m A Fool.”  Miss Fiona’s voice was clear and angelic as she floated over high notes effortlessly and came back down to earth for the grounded harmonies. Melanie-Fiona

The songbird is best known for dubbing her voice to classic songs. Melanie samples Frankie Avalon‘s “Venus” on her romantic rendition “Stop My Heart”.  Her version to Janet Kay‘s “Silly Games” entitled “Sad Songs” is a R&B gem for hard hitting lyrics:  Sad songs, are the best songs, you don’t have to worry how it’s gonna end

The video for her latest single Cold Piece is fun and free-spirited as Mel celebrates a dirty break-up with an ex. This juicy track will be sure to satiate your sweet tooth.

Catch a part of the performance on my Youtube account.


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