Cheetah Girl Animal Prints

Cheetah Print Heels

Cheetah, Leopard, and Tiger prints are popular animal inspired trends for the season. The cat fur designs can found on shoes, bags, and belts. The prints help express your feisty inner female. For a more bold feline, a full length cat suit or dressy tunic adds an extra oomph to your outfit.

Leopard Bag

Whatever the occasion, leopard prints can be easily integrated into any ensemble, but not excessively – everything in moderation. Start with one central accessory and build other fun colors around your signature print piece. Red, Nude, Black, and White are colors that go exceptionally well with animal prints.  Test out your favorite red lipstick, black leggings, a printed top, with a jeans jacket for an edgy look.

My Cheetah Girl costume for Halloween included cat-like face paint, bold gold accessories, and a silk robe I converted into a cropped tunic. I had fun dressing up as a lioness and added some torn up leggings to show my wild side.

The make-up art was done by China Boogie, an exceptional local face-paint artist who helped complete the look by spray painting my hair a metallic gold and painting my lips glittery red. I wear my hair as a Mohawk so I spiked out the front and let the hair be free. The final product was one fierce cheetah look.

Cheetah Girl  Leon-Lady

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