Daddy Yankee & Major Lazer… remix?

Me encanta este remix con Major Lazer y Daddy Yankee. Collaboracion dancehall y reggaeton. Perfecta union

Sound Fruits

Daddy Yankee (Yep – Gasolina Daddy Yankee).

Major Lazer.


Released yesterday, the track has already stirred a huge divide in opinion both on Soundcloud and Major Lazer’s Facebook page (admittedly more of an 80:20 divide), comments ranging from:

“What’s wrong with you [haters]? Daddy Yankee is one of the founding fathers of the explosion of reggaeton that has occurred in the last 15 years”


“Nooo why? why? really, why?!?”

An exciting new sound or an insult to the ears, the track is certainly providing many interesting reactions.

My verdict: Jajaja.

What’s yours?



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One thought on “Daddy Yankee & Major Lazer… remix?

  1. jajaaa may be a good response lol. I actually enjoyed it as it was something different. I’m only accustomed to hearing Daddy Yankee on full blown Reggaeton tracks for the club, was a nice change. You posted this a year ago but this is my first time hearing it! Living in Chile I hear a lot of reggaeton, and I don’t exactly love it, not sure I’ll be DLing to listen all the time, but a nice change, wouldn’t mind hearing on the radio / in the discotec. Thanks for the share!

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