Meet the female MCs bringing ‘gyal power’ to dancehall

Big up my female dee jays! Dancehall is a male dominated genre but the ladies continually are trailblazers of quality one drop and ragga vibes. Keep it up reggae femcees!

Repeating Islands

RoxXxan with the Heatwave

UK soundsystem Heatwave’s new compilation celebrates female dancehall MCs, such as Lady Saw and Macka Diamond. How long before one rivals the likes of Sean Paul?—asks Hattie Collins ni this article for London’s Guardian. [Follow the link below to listen to come clips.]

When talking to people about dancehall, the “V” word crops up an awful lot. “It’s just a viiiiiiiiibe innit. It’s liberating, and it’s hype,” exclaims north London dancehall artist Lady Chann. “In Jamaica they have Passa Passa Wednesday, in Harlesden, every day there’d be a rave. Growing up, we used to have all-dayers in community centres. They would start at midday and finish at midnight, and it would get so rammed. You’d have all the junior sound systems coming through … those were the days, that was the vibe.”

The Jamaican-born genre has traditionally always been associated with big-name male performers – from Beenie Man to…

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