Early Risings

Boa Madrugada Gente (Portuguese: Good Morning Folks)

The morning is perhaps the most inspiring time of the day. It is at the early hours of the morn, ideas are most apparent and easiest to explain. After a good night’s rest one can rise with a sense of tranquility knowing you have another day to manifest your dreams into reality.
“The early bird catches the worm” takes into accountability every hour in the day, prepares for the work ahead, and reaps the benefits of having a head start on future tasks. This sort of discipline requires habitual early risings, eating healthier, consuming more water, and most importantly receiving a full night’s rest (anywhere from 6-8 hrs is great). Your body requires a certain amount of time in sleep mode to rejuvenate, without this we often will become zombies- never truly performing at full potential.

ladylaleebella_live better
There is balance in all of life. Day and night, black and white, ocean and sky. We must learn to optimize upon the time given to us- every moment in the day counts and carries weight in the scheme of things.
The most productive hour is at the peak of dawn, when only the earliest birds are setting their eyes on new horizons.

“La creatividad visita de madrugada”ย 
Spanish:| Creativity visits at dawn


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