On the verge: NBA Finals

At the heart of the game, there is always a winner. As much as we all enjoyed watching Miami toggle the ball back and forth across the court against the Pacers, Game 7 concluded and so convened the grand finale we were all waiting for: The NBA Finals. At the final buzzer the score stood Pacers 76, Miami 99. The win was good enough for the Heat as they proclaimed their victory with home court advantage, advancing 2 years in a row as Eastern Conference Champions

2013 is the year for a breakthrough. The anticipation of Game 7 is much like the expectation we all hold for the upcoming summer. Sometimes the anxiety is too much to bare, but you have to hang in there- no matter how hot the Heat gets (pun intended)- the objective is to overcome at all costs.

It is not all win or defeat in the game of life. Sometimes you can walk away from the fight and still end up a winner. Take veteran all-star Jason Kidd for example. Kidd stepped away from the game he love the most and retired with accolades many players will never receive. All because he anticipated the end from the beginning and put forth his best effort as a team player. He now passes on the baton to the rookies who deserve the playing time and limelight. After retiring Monday June, 3 2013- Kidd had this to say


The clock is still ticking, time is still left on the clock, you better go out there and play!

Game 1 of the NBA Finals airs Thursday, June 6th at 9pm on ABC Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs.


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