Mima: Caribbean Sweet Water

Mima sweet sounds with afrobeat, reggae, and soul undertones.

Repeating Islands


In “Mima: Caribbean Sweet Water,” Catalina Johnson reviews a new albumEl Pozoby Yarimir Cabán AKA Mima, a singer/musician from Puerto Rico. I listened to a few of the songs through the links provided—truly original, smart, and delightfully quirky. According to the review, Mima will be in concert on Wednesday, May 15 at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, Illinois. Here is Johnson’s full review with a link to the original:

“The metaphor of the well is so ancient … it’s a place of encounter, transgression, collaboration, awaiting,” says Yarimir Cabán, known as Mima. An experimental neo-Caribbean musician from Puerto Rico, Cabán has emerged as one of the island’s most original and striking artists, and via phone from San Juan, she is describing the title of her sophomore album and the motif of its main song.

El Pozo” (The Well) is…

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