EDM and Reggae mashup

The Courtney John Project

Not your average home grown roots reggae, the budding genre of Rootstronic has turned a new leaf in the chronicles of reggae music.  A combination of Electronic Dance Music & Reggae Dub, the groovy instrumentals and synthesized voice overs may remind you of an echo across an Errol Dunkley 1972 classic.

The trio Natassja “The Wizard” Hammond, Courtney John, and Steven “Lenky” Marsden team up to create the band “The Courtney John Project”. Together they have orchestrated a number of tracks to promote across Europe and the US, including the currently released single “Black Cinderella”. Other tracks for honorable mention “Rain Like Gold” and the album’s self-titled tune “Future” are among those being shopped for airplay.

 “Rootstronic is just a more modern interpretation of reggae/dub music, influenced by EDM, like most contemporary genres are now,” offers Hammond.

The “Black Cinderella” video was directed by Ras Kassa whose previous works include directing Damian Marley’s “Welcome to Jamrock.”

The dynamic music experience known as reggae  is constantly changing and evolving to better suit current generations. Click below and enjoy this reggaelution.


What do you think about the new wave of Roots Rock and Reggae? Tell me what you think about the music below


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