Pre-Summer Playlist

A pretty diverse mix of music to help extinguish my spring fever.

Musings of a sandwich lover

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means…


But it’s not the summer quite yet. There are still tests, papers and snow to deal with. So, to get ready for the actual summer, I’ve made a pre-summer playlist.

Now, summer music is easy. It’s upbeat, easy to play with the windows down and just makes you feel better. Pre-summer music, though, is a little different.

Pre-summer music has a few distinct characteristics that separate it from summer music:

  • Anticipation – Summer is close, but it’s not quite here.
  • Mix = Key – We don’t need only upbeat, happy songs. At some point in the playlist, you gotta slow it down a bit to take a breather.
  • Lyrics > Music – Summer is all about bobbing your head and screaming simple lyrics. Pre-summer focuses a little more on lyrics and a little less on the…

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