Chronixx Start A Fyah

Start a Fyah is an overlooked diamond in the rough, hidden under the several productions of Major Lazer in 2012. None the less Moments of a Black Queen has rediscovered this timeless treasure and would like to present Jamaican reggae artist Chronixxx to the world.

I was first introduced to the brilliant young emcee on Selassie Souljahs, his song featuring Sizzla, Protoje, and Kabaka Pyramid. The track was rhythmic and became a reggae favorite of mine.

However, it was not until recently did I encounter this mixtape on soundcloud and reunited with the tenacious upcoming artist again.

This body of work represents Chronixxx’s journey into the music world and his ongoing struggle as a reggae artist. He shares intimate details of adversity and hopes of becoming a big star to pave the way for others in the future. The youth is passionate and his endurance is displayed through this 22 track playlist endorsed by Walshy Fire of Black Chiney Sound-and now affiliate of Major Lazer.

“If you were in any way shape or form inspired by this mixtape, share it with somebody, don’t keep inspiration to yourself, go forth and inspire others- that is the true meaning behind Chronixxx music”~Chronixxx

Top tracks include Warrior, When I See You, Somewhere, Capitalist, Beat & A Mic, and Rain Music. Nevertheless, every song is a gem and blends in evenly to compile the full masterpiece Start A Fyah.

chronixxprotoje1 chronixxprotoje2

Chronixxx featured above with fellow artist Protoje in the studio preparing to make more irie tunes

Want to read the LATEST news on CHRONIXX AND ZINCFENCE Redemption? Check out Chronixx in ATL on the Moments of A Black Queen domain: Chronixx Dread And Terrible 

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