Embrace Orisha and Sizzla

The video featuring Sizzla & L.A. Songstress Orisha Sound has finally been released.

The female songwriter and singer of Slavic and Scandinavian heritage is best known for her unique mixture of Pop, Electro, and Dance music to create an International sound complimentary of her worldly style and fashion. The early beginnings of Orisha’s life as a violinst have helped transform her into a multi-talented musician and performer. The fresh faced female has toured the world traveling to places like Russia, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Miss Sound collaborates with Reggae icon Sizzla Kalonji to give fans a Caribbean and authentically Jamaican look to single “Embrace It.” The pop-reggae single compliments the island inspired video, featuring a dance scene and intimate camera shots with Mr. Kalonji and Orisha together.

When asked by the media about her work abroad Orisha states:

“Working in Jamaica and with Kolonji gives me the freedom to express myself and take my music to higher heights.”

Orisha also worked with producer Shel-K of Magz Recordz, recognized as the musical tech behind artistes like Toni Braxton, Backstreet Boys and others.

Sizzla Kalonji recently announced the completion of his 70th studio album called The Messiah, the album was produced by Sizzla and long time partner Bread Back.

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