Word of the Day Gallis


A GALLIS is a guy that thinks he’s fly; a player; best known as a womanizer or man that has more than one woman

synonym: player, gigolo, pimp,

related songs: Khago- Gangsta Gallis Mavado- Gal Ah Mad Over
+This phrase also discriminates against homosexual relationships, something looked down upon especially in Jamaican culture.
related songs: Boom Bye Bye TOK-ChiChiMan

In the Caribbean the term Gallis is glorified as the alpha male or king of the jungle. A man dating two or more females is praised by his peers and desired by women from far and wide. This popularity stems from island culture and music perpetuating the player lifestyle. Men who can juggle multiple women are often seen as wealthy and good in bed, which makes them prime candidates for mating. However, the gallis lifestyle is not one that a man can easily step away from given the attention he is given by several women and often leads to disloyalty, lies, and eventually unsafe sex.

One of the #1 concerns of Safe Sex advocates is the prevention of future HIV/AIDS cases in the Caribbean.
According to AVERT:

The statistics show that at the end of 2009, an estimated 240,000 people were living with HIV in the Caribbean. Some 17,000 people were newly infected during 2009, and 12,000 people died from AIDS.

The industry is known best for the phrase “SEX SELLS” but at what price? There are young women growing up with contagious diseases from having multiple sex partners. Once men and women begin to take the proper precaution over their bodies through abstinence, safe sex and fidelity the climbing rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the Caribbean will begin to take a fall for the better.

So what is the answer to this sex-driven way of life? Should Dancehall artists calm down provocative lyrics or perhaps become proponents of safe sex campaigns? Answers to some of these questions are confronted in the Gallis Documentary. This 2012 film features Dancehall Pioneers Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, and Mr. Vegas and discusses the life of a Gallis in the eyes of Men in the Caribbean.

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