Wednesday Nights at the Standard with Urban Ent.

Wednesday Nights at The Standard: Aurum Lounge Powered by: Urban Entertainment


For the 21+ professional seeking a social venue to unwind from the mid-week mundane, Wednesday nights at Aurum Lounge is the ideal venue. Located close to downtown off of Peachtree St, the weekly event provides the best hookah, bottle service, music, paparazzi, as well as a fully stocked bar. Hosted by local stars and party goers, you are likely to meet an array of A-listed industrialists, educated business executives, high maintenance college girls, entrepreneurs, hustlers, and cosmopolitans. Every Wednesday is lady’s night at the Standard, where specials like free drinks and no cover are provided until midnight. Additionally, there is free admission for club & restaurant professionals all night long.

The VIP is packed to capacity as people pour in through the front door forming a dance pit in front of the DJ booth. If you are a regular, you will likely get a shout out from V103’s Haitian sensation Kash as he mixes up the hottest in Down South Rap, East Coast Hip-Hop, and Reggae Classics. The bartender will probably be serving shots of Ciroc to a clique of ladies or filling champagne glasses of Don Perion while Rihanna’s Pour It Up blasts through the speakers. Be sure to strike a pose for Ikonz Entertainment’s photographer Spyda as you head out onto the dance floor. Don’t forget to holla at Urban Ent CEO Foe Diddy in VIP pouring up shots for his friends while he chats with the club manager.

A thin layer of hookah will provide a smoke screen over the heads of party patrons as they pull and pass, vibing to the beat of Young Scooter’s hit Columbian.

Be prepared to whine your waist and put your lighters up when Serani’s No Games plays, followed by Mavado So Special and Mr. Vegas I am Blessed. With weekly appearances from celebrities, don’t forget to peak through the crowd to the catch the eye of your favorite rapper or a famous model popping bottles among a group of ATL exclusives.
A true Atlanta socialite can appreciate the diverse network of five to six figure professionals that convene weekly at Aurum. A meet and greet for the party elite, Aurum is a great location to create bonds with strangers and even add a new face to your instagram feed. An affair where anybody can be a somebody, a guest of Aurum longue lives out their club fantasy at night, only to return to the 9-5 hustle bustle of the work week ahead. Modeled after the tri-state parties in New York, The Standard sets the bar high for industrial parties in Atlanta. For the night life lover, you get the best of both worlds- A place to network as well as play in the heart of the city.



Ladylaleebella & Renee enjoying Wednesday Nights at Aurum Lounge


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