DanceJA Skool & Nominees

DanceJA Picture

The DanceJA website, created in 2006 as an affiliate under the Caribbean Clothing brand RepJA, features dancers worldwide and in Jamaica displaying interest in the dancehall movement. The page showcases a catalog of catchy island phrases, the newest dance trends, event photos, choreographed videos, and detailed profiles of each official DanceJA member. The DanceJA organization recently established a dance skool on Constant Springs Road in Kingston Jamaica that is now housing  hundreds of dance students and instructors.

To help unite dancers and provide recognition for the leading proponents, the DanceJA 2012-2013 Awards have been announced and all dancers are flooding Facebook to promote their most daring dance videos to friends and fans. The categories highlight dance teams and talented choreographers making footprints for their talent in music, art, and fashion.

Check out these dynamic dancers and like their pictures on Facebook’s DanceJA Page . Voting ends 8am on March 18, 2013

Jessica Phoenix:  Read more about J Fiyah in This Girl Is On Fire


Vote for Jessica by liking her picture on the DanceJA Nominees Page


Magnificent  Read More on the Group


Vote Magnificent for Best New Dance Group of the Year by liking the DanceJA Nominee Picture


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