Rohan Marley Admits He Was Heartbroken After Leaving Lauryn Hill

Rohan says he was do-wop dat thing over Lauryn when they broke up. #reggae #love #relationships

The Urban Daily

Rohan Marley Says Lauryn Hill Broke His HeartThe decade-long romance between Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley was stuff tabloid fodder was made of. After their split in 2011, Hill and Marley have remained friends in order to continue to co-parent their five children. Though everything between the two are good now, Rohan Marley says he was heartbroken over their split for a long time.

In an interview with Open Magazine, Marley opened up about his relationship with hip-hop’s favorite female rapper/singer. He admits that he is still a little upset that despite they had so much love for each other, they couldn’t work their problems out. “I feel sad that I loved her so much and I faltered in expressing it to her somehow, Rohan confided. “It was my fault that she did not understand how I felt, and it was sad that we did not work out in that relationship sense. I was heartbroken for…

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