Palavra do Dia- Rebolar

óla meus amigos [o-la me-oose amee-goose]. Here goes another edition of Ladylaleebella’s word of the day #portuguese:


REBOLAR hay-bow-lawr

The r in Portuguese is quite tricky so remember to pronounce the r like an h but blow from the back of your throat almost to where the roll results in a round r sound.

Rebolar is a fun word to use, especially for Brasilians during Carnaval Season while in the  escolas  of samba dancers you can hear people chanting “rebola, rebola”from the stands. As I would imagine…

Evidently there is a town in Equatorial Guinea titled Rebola as well. Do you think they know how to roll it? Think learning languages is lame, try typing rebola into youtube and see what happens fellas.


Special Thanks to today’s word of the day model Rasta Barbie, her dress is reminiscent of a lovely article on black & white fashion


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