Danger Vybz Mix


Born of Zimbabwe parents, African Disc-jokey and Atlanta Reggae Scene patron Danger Vybz is unleashing sizzling mixes in preparation for the hot months to come this Summer. For a young Dj Danger Vybz has an extensive resume, having juggled in Underground’s Frequency, Esso, Club Pisces, and Georgia State’s Annual All Ah We Is One event- just to name a few. The versatile selector slash student fuses pop, reggae, hip-hop, & afrobeat to create a unique compilation of American-Caribbean influences while remaining true to his African upbringing.

Unlike many DJ’s of his generation, Danger understands the importance of attributing his inspiration to other musicians who have come before him whether they be emcees, deejays, or veteran promoters.








His respect for roots reggae is displayed in his selective choice in the mixes he creates as well as his high-energy live performances in dance halls. Don’t be surprised if you see him after a set breaking his shoes in on the dance floor- another passion he has is dance! Often underrated as a novice deejay in the scene, Danger Vybz is an up and coming selectah busting tunes in the local caribbean community. Watch out… he’s DANGEROUS! P.S. Did i mention he speaks french… “Parlez-vous français?

Listen & Download mixes from Danger Vybz on Soundcloud & check out his latest compilations below

Spring 2013 ago shot!

Southern Comfort Mix (Zouk & Afrobeat)

Voyage Riddim Mix

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Danger Vybz
Danger Marcus
Shane Talon
DJ Kash


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