Caribbean News: Snoop, Nikki, & Trinidad James


It seems as though the Hip-Hop community’s new claim to fame is using Caribbean influences to gain international recognition. The most popular advocate of the reggae movement is the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg. The reincarnated Snoop Lion was recently inducted into the Rastafarian movement by Marley sons and now faces scrutiny from Rasta leaders for his misuse of the culture and religious name.

Has Snoop gone to far? He is not the only person who has exploited the islands for self-gain. Rapper Trinidad James & Nikki Minaj have also capitalized on their T&T heritage to maximize a fan-base abroad. Sean Kingston even utilizes the Jamaican Capital as a surname to relate to Jamerican followers. This new found attraction for all-things-Caribbean can be seen as a plug for the small islands below the U.S. or a scheme to rape the nations’ of their reputability.

Kevin Krazy shares his opinion on the latest news of Snoop & other public figures potraying themselves as Caribbean elitists.

Additionally enjoy this Caribbean inspired track with Young Money’s Nicki Minaj & Bad Boy’s French Montana


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