Word of the Day #currar

Word of the Day #currar

The spanish infinitive (verb) currar [ko-rawr] is an informal way of saying “to work”. Synonymous to the spanish verb trabajar, currar is used in situations where you are speaking to people you are comfortable with.

En este puesto se curra mucho
In the postition you work alot
You have to work more. You have to work it out!
Tienes que currar más. Tienes que currártelo
I am going to work
Me voy al curro

Present Tense Currar- I work/You work/He works/We work/They work/You all work

yo curro tú curras
él curra nosotros curramos
vosotros curraís ellos curran

The example sentence at the bottom states:
Your mother works all night in the hotel
Tu mama trabaja toda la noche en el hotel


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