Testing the Waters Dating 101

fish dating sea love

There are plenty of fish in the sea

Diving into the Dating Pool : Testing the Waters- Dating 101

‘Tis the Season to make love, therefore it should be no surprise that love makers everywhere will be looking for a partner to cuddle up with this romantic holiday. Dating is much like playing cards, where you often have to play the hand you are dealt and make sure you have the perfect match.  No one is perfect, but that should not discourage you from finding someone close to it! Time to test the waters and dive on in, the single people pool is deep and wide, but for the purpose of getting in and getting out. Here are some quick lessons on how to improve your stroke and not get swallowed in by the tide.

Schools of PoolsThe Diversity of Dating

Date more than one person; don’t settle until you are ready- feel free to experiment with the idea of seeing more than one person at once. Be clear about your intentions and safe in the activity.

Try different kinds of places, do something unconventional. Good memories create bonds that lead to a long-lasting friendship or marriage. Welcome new getaways and spontaneous sexual encounters.

Swim within your reach. Love yourself and value your companion, however don’t make far-fetched excuses for someone that is clearly not that into you. That way you do not set yourself up for disappointment.

R o c k i n g the Boat– SEX.

Bedroom etiquette is knowing how to please and when to say please. Honesty and communication are key to a successful physical relationship. It is healthy to want affection, but how you ask is very important. Show your appreciation by returning the favor. Everyone enjoys reciprocation.

Don’t bring sand to the beach, but bring bait. The special do is a dance just for two. So don’t bring extra baggage to the table when you have a buffet at home. Do whatever it takes to ensure satisfaction for both parties.

Up the river, make sure to carry a paddle. In dating you have to be aware of the dangers and risks of becoming involved with a stranger. Abstinence is the number one form of prevention from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. If not carry a glove before you knock boots. Once you conquer the tides discuss forms of birth control before completely removing life savers from the routine.

After you have snatched Mr. or Mrs. Right how do you keep the lover of your dreams? Remain confident not cocky and focus on your goals. Avoid confrontation especially if it leads to verbal or physical abuse. Monogamy is a standard and respect is essential. All love is different but still requires patience, sacrifice, and a spark between two people to navigate through tidal waves.

What are you waiting for grab a board and hold on! Get ready for a SPLASH this Valentine’s Day!


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