EIC Conference

Entertainment Industry Connection

Saturday, January 5th at 595 North Avenue in Atlanta,GA, I had the pleasure of networking with 500+ established industry professionals. There was a montage of writers, models, actors, managers, musicians, designers, entrepreneurs, and film directors. In the crowd you could see people exchanging ideas, information, business cards, and tips on how to succeed in the competitive market in Atlanta and beyond.

The Entertainment Industry Connection was a half-day event, beginning at 4 pm and going on past 9 pm. The agenda entailed speed networking with professional panelists, a runway exhibition with leading Atlanta designers, live performances by upcoming urban talent, as well as forums in fashion, film, and music.

So many key players made this event possible, here are just a few of the people I had the pleasure of meeting. Do Google them when you get a chance!

Event Coordinator Ray Hamilton 

Music Track Panelists : Kevin Shine, Wildman Teddy T, Jannie Jennings, and Eddie Levert Jr.

Fashion designer Kl Allen of Perfect Population

Published designer Vanessa Henderson

Industry Consultant Mr World Famous

Motown Producer and Songwriter Jimmy Roach

Norman Anderson of VertiKal Alliance

Valeri Reaves-Designer & Entrepreneur

MsNickee Mack– Hostess and Model

Renee Gardner– Songwriter & Blogger

Music group: Blu Is Free & the Mvmnt

The highlight of the evening was the elaborate exhibition of collections by KL Allen, Charles Andrews, and Designer Buie. The showcase was a great success and featured an assortment of ready-to-wear clothes for men and women.

Check out some of the pictures from the conference and stay tuned for more events at EntertainmentIndustryConnection.com

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