Beenie Man Return of the Doctor

Return of the Dr.

Return of the Dr.

After successful concerts by Beres, Luciano, Capleton, Sanchez and Baby Cham, Atlanta was in need of one last check up by none other than Dr. Moses! A veteran and pioneer of Dancehall Anthony Moses Davis- the artist also known as Beenie Man (or Little Man in Jamaican Patois)- came with the proper remedy, going Back to Basics in the best of his 90’s hits with songs like Bookshelf, Old Dawg, Girls Dem Sugar, and Romie. He appealed to the American crowd with a cover of Black Eye Peas’ pop single “I Got a Feeling” and didn’t forget to include his own U.S. chart topper Dude. As an artist that boasts fame in Jamaica as well as internationally, he was well worth the whopping $45 charged at the door to patrons who failed to purchase pre-sale tickets for $30.

The evening got off to a late start with opening acts not getting on stage until after 1:30am. Miss Dovey Magnum swayed the crowd with a heart-felt dedication to her father and former Atlanta reggae dancer Cocky Bully. She turned up the crowd with gyal anthems The Best F*** & Tight Tight. The crowd also enjoyed irie vibes from Rastafarian singer Fyah Harp. As time dwindled away, the  room was rammed pack and in anticipation of  Beenie’s arrival. The King of the Dancehall stormed on the stage after  3 am dressed to puss foot in a three-piece suit inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”.

Atlanta Reggae Scene Diva Dovey Magnum

Atlanta Reggae Scene Diva Dovey Magnum

For an hour the seasoned entertainer ran through as much as 60 minutes would allow for the latest and greatest of his career. Before exiting, he apologized to the crowd for his delayed entrance, commenting on the promoter’s failure to bring his costume change until late and promising to deliver a better show next time.

The star was seen leaving the building with Dancehall female sensation Barbie by his side…

Barbie & Beenie posed together after the concert

Barbie & Beenie posed together after the concert

What can I say, Beenie Man ah di gyal dem sugar

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Terrence of Unitec

Orane of Ivey League










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